As well as a music artist, Thomas invests his time as a music journalist and supports numerous organisations. Attached below are a variety of articles which Thomas has written and published. Currently, he writes for Jazz in Europe, All About Jazz, the Jazz Journal and BBC Music Magazine


"Glad you're digging it!"

                                         - Joe Lovano

"My thanks to Jazz In Europe for this great album review. I am particularly thrilled that the wide variety of styles is praised. Thank you Thomas Fletcher. I'm so glad you enjoyed listening to my music."

                                        - Kim Cypher

"What a beautiful review! I can’t thank you enough!"

                                         - Ed Palermo

"Thank you so much for your review in Jazz in Europe!

I’m most thankful for all the work you’ve put into writing it and for your thoroughness."

                                    - Jan Harbeck


"A thoughtful and well-informed take on our new album by Thomas Fletcher of the Jazz Journal."

                                  - Surefire Sweat 

"LEGEND! Thanks so much Tom! Really appreciate the kind words!"

                                  - Matt Roberts 

"I was pleased to hear from Thomas Fletcher, enquiring about summer intern work and further delighted to find he showed strong initiative, resourcefulness and diligence in quickly becoming familiar with Jazz Journal’s house style as well as proving a fine reviewer and literate writer. He would be a fine addition to the JJ team should he wish to write further.”